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Land and real estate investment

  Villa Crillon - Lyon 6ème
Villa Crillon / Aquasourça    

The long-term horizon of this asset class is a perfect complement to capital investments made by the Aquasourça group in Europe and abroad.

We give priority to sound and stable operations, on best quality locations, enabling a reasonable and secure leverage.

We study many files as a merchant or investor, mainly in Europe but also abroad.

We limit our investment to amounts under € 10 M per plot, but we are not opposed to sharing operations with actors with the same philosophy.

Our decision process is short and we detail our positions systematically and explicity.


We manage and are directly involved ourselves in all our sites. We have a wide knowledge of both our tenants and the leased premises and a high level of responsiveness.

The group of technical partners we work with on our operations is highly competent, responsive and delivers rapid and efficient diagnoses.

We are currently managing quality portfolios worth several tens of millions of euros and include some emblematic European addresses



   Belas Artes - Lisbonne - Portugal