a co-entrepreneur investment partner in your
capital development and LBO operations

Development support

Because your situation is unique, you wish to remain inedependent... but not alone.


Well established and recognized for what it has achieved, your company is driven by plans for growth and/or development :


A program for growth, a product launch, diversification into new markets or plans to extend your production facility ? 

Whatever the case, there is always an economic, commercial or industrial risk. Our solutions in the form of capital investment provide you with the necessary financial stability to remain in control of your company’s growth.



To your children, to your current managers, to a buyer, to an investor or an industrialist ?


Together we will look for the solution that best  corresponds to the perspectives and sustainability of your company.

The sole purpose of our advice and financial backing is to ensure that the positive results of your work will be transferred successfully to the successor you have chosen.


Meeting your shareholders' expectations

Providing assistance upon the withdrawal of a minority investor, redistributing shares, optimizing your financial strategy ?

The pressures you face should not inhibit your actions. To this end and in complete confidentiality, you will have access to our specialised internal and external adviser network. Thus, you will rapidly gain full understanding of the context in order to respond and to act in the best interests of your company.




Liquidating a proportion of your capital

Securing a proportion of your asset base, protecting those close to you from financial difficulties ?

Our position as an investing shareholder makes us your ally and allows you to reap the fruits of your success while remaining in control of your business.


Buying a business

Your experience and your convictions as an entrepreneur is driving you to take the reins of a company ?

We can study the project alongside you and draw up a secure financial plan, adapted to your needs. 

And any other capital challenges ...