a co-entrepreneur investment partner in your
capital development and LBO operations

Supporting entrepreneurs

"Aquasourça is an European investment company derived from private funding."


With choices to be made, projects to be developed and objectives to achieve,  Aquasourça resembles your company and is interested in companies that resemble it – sound, small and medium-sized businesses and industries actively involved in a long-term, project-orientated approach. Their managers become our partners sharing our experience and commitment.

At Aquasourça, we go beyond the numbers and build our business relashionships on  total and mutual trust. Our intervention as shareholders is conducted with the greatest respect for your experience, your intuitions and decisions – we believe that a company manager remains an entrepreneur. The strategies we build together are designed to support your company projects.

Our partnership concept is based on true srategic support and mutual interest through long term investment and participation in strategic decision making. We work with our partners on their deliberations and development through positive exchanges giving them access to our network and our economic and financial data.

With Aquasourça on your side, you remain totally independent while having someone to rely on. An investor who dedicates himself to you and your project.