a co-entrepreneur investment partner in your
capital development and LBO operations

Supporting your Projects

"Because we value your ambitions"

We are a private equity firm operating in small to medium-sized businesses and industries for amounts ranging from 3 to 10 million euros.
We are mainly involved with european companies that differ vastly in size and operate in extremely varied lines of business.
We invest in companies in equity or quasi-equity to meet specific needs 
  • to support growth and diversification policies,
  • to provide capital liquidity, 
  • to participate in buy-out transactions, 
  • to help shape the shareholder structure, etc.
Since its creation in 1998, Aquasourça has invested in more than 150 companies, bringing our experience and knowledge.
As of today, with more than 35 investments, our portfolio represents approximately €3.2 billion in cumulative turnover and 15 000 employees.
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 "Because investing is not just about money"

We provide your business with our active support as a stable and sound partner with a long-term approach - six years on average.
As an involved investor with a place on the Board, we respect your company's independence and strategy. Our availability to the management team is proof of our commitment.
We work alongside you, benefiting from your experience and intuitions as a business leader, to recognise, define and implement opportunities and progressive strategies. Within this framework, you can benefit from our network of information and our in house and external know-how..
Our objective is to work in a climate of total trust, thus creating a true community of interest based on mutual understanding, a high level of commitment from both parties and complete confidentiality. 

 "Reactivity and flexibility thanks to our internal structure"

The money invested is ours so we have no need to report to subscriters ou GP's. This, of course, gives us complete independence.
We are able to react and take decisions quickly and efficiently. Our investment decisions are made directly by the team and do not need to be referred to an investment committee. 

A typical growth capital operation schedule :   Bonhomme 2
D : First contact with the managers/shareholders of the company.  
D to D+30 :
Study of the documentation to gain understanding of activity and to acquaint ourselves with the project.
Meetings with the managemenr/shareholders, sites visits and, where necessary, meetings with top executives, in order to fully understand and to challenge the business plan. 
D+30 to D+45 :
Internal studies by the Aquasourça team to evaluate the feasibility of the project, as well as to define the terms of the agreement to be presented in the letter of intention (LOI) sent to the manager/shareholders.
D+45 to D70 : After approval of the LOI, due diligence procedures are carried out during the period of exclusivity.
Even before the conclusions of these procedures, work begins on the legal documentation by the lawyers of both parties.
D+90 : Closing (signature and funds flow) after the due-diligence conclusions and the agreement on the legal documentation.