a co-entrepreneur investment partner in your
capital development and LBO operations

Shared values


 Olivier Ginon 

CEO of GL Events
, organization and hosting of events - External growth and shareholding structuration - A company listed on NYSE Euronext.
"Dynamic, on-hand, efficient - Aquasourça is a pragmatic partner who does not focus on a short-term shareholder vision but puts the company and its efficient operation first…"


Chairman of the Supervisory Board of FSD, a leader in metal components for the automotive industry - A minority buy-back.
"When our Japanese minority shareholder wanted to withdraw, we were looking for a financial partner able to invest with a long-term vision. Aquasourça shares the same asset-based business logic as us with a view to sustainability."


CEO of Lafayette Development, management of a shopping center in Tunis - Growth capital.
"Aquasourça, these are people who get actively involved, who know how to listen, adapt, take account of differences, and also how to deal with difficult situations."


CEO of SNAAM, metal structures for building and civil engineering works - Provision of support for growth.
"There are two kinds of investors – those who think about their internal return rate and those who are interested in a company's growth and in the sustainable enrichment of its partners.
We share the same growth values as Aquasourça."


CEO of Trouillet, company active in the textiles market - Owner buy-out.
"What is Aquasourça's best asset ? Its human capital and perfect business knowledge, through awareness of its medium- and long-term issues, on which I can rely to drive the growth of my company."


CEO of the wine maker of the same name - Owner buy-out.
"Faced with so-called "classic" investment companies which are not very focused on the operation of SMEs and the problems they encounter, Aquasourça has distinguished itself through its pragmatism and very quickly proved itself as a precious partner for my business."