Investment strategy


AQS Sectoriel


AQS Sectoriel  specializes in promising business sectors, segments harboring potential in terms of innovation and/or consolidation and providing positive responses to long-term socioeconomic trends.

  • Consistent with its investment strategy, AQS Sectoriel is initially focusing on the agri-food sector, providing entrepreneurs with access to our exclusive network of experienced partners, to ensure operational support is tailored to each investment.


AQS Croissance


AQS Croissance  takes a more general approach, exploring a whole host of sectors in both industry and services.

  • Aquasourça invests over the long term, either alone or jointly. It commits to providing up to €15 million in funding for profitable companies harboring strong organic or acquisition-led growth potential by acquiring either a key majority or minority shareholder position in their capital. It provides support for their expansion in France, Europe and international markets, thanks to its partners in China and the US.
  • By investing its own funds, Aquasourça ensures the decision-making process is short.
  • Aquasourça has a portfolio of about a dozen companies, in France and Europe, including several iconic brands, such as GL Events and wine producer-merchant M. Chapoutier.