a co-entrepreneur investment partner in your
capital development and LBO operations


With offices in Annecy, Lyon and Paris, the Group is a leading independant player in the sector of waterproofing, roofing and guardrail installations.
Turnover : € 20 M
Deal description : Minotority stake in an LBO and support in the build-up strategy
One of the leading owners and operators of farmland in the Southern Cone region of the Americas. 
Turnover : $ 34 M  
Deal description : Growth Capital 
The largest European specialist of horse and rider equipement, selling a range of 17 000 items in 70 countries.
Turnover : € 55 M
Deal descriptionLeveraged buy-out
Fully integrated industrial and technological supplier in the world of tableting (powder compression).  
Turnover : € 44 M
Deal descriptionExit of the founder and reorganization of the shareholding structure of the Group to pursue  the development. 

Leader in the manufacture and distribution of frozen dairy products and juices in West Africa

Turnover : 139 M€

Deal description : Growth Capital 



Subcontractor of prototypes and short series of sheet metal working, specialized in complex parts integrated design department, powder painting chain, welding robots, etc. … 
Turnover : € 8 M
Deal description : Owner buy-out  
Designing, technical and thermal studies and manufacturing of fastening and anchors solutions for heavy facing in the building (masonry double brick walls, stapled stone, precast concrete...)  
Turnover : € 9 M
Deal descriptionGrowth Capital
Main world leader of manufacturing of system for the high fidelity, integration and multimedia  
Turnover : € 100 M 
Deal description : Leveraged buy-out
Organization and hosting of events. A company listed on Euronext B.
Turnover : € 953 M  
Deal description : Accompanying the founder in the sharehocking structuration
Leading African group involved in the construction, leasing and operation of telecommunication towers for its own account and for third parties in Nigeria, Cameroon and Ivory Cost.
Turnover : $ 380 M
Deal descriptionGrowth Capital
Operator of a shopping center, car park and a public parking area in Tunis.
Turnover : TND 3.4 M 
Deal descriptionGrowth Capital
Design and distribution of women’s fashion clothing through their own shops, through affiliated shops as well as through multi-brand stores.
Turnover : € 16 M 
Deal descriptionMajority stake in a Management buy-in.
Specialized in machining of small batches of technical parts used in oil tool industry. 
Turnover : € 32 M
Deal descriptionManagement buy-out
Famous winemaker of the Rhone Valley, with complementary vineyards (Australia, etc. …).
Turnover : € 53 M
Deal description : Mixed operation enabling  the company to buy new plots of land and the owner to realize cash-out
A company specialized in products for the garden, distributed through its own merchant website and through physical platforms. 
Turnover : € 64 M
Deal descriptionPure growth capital.
Owner and operator of logistics warehouses positive and negative cold.
Turnover : CZK 15 M
Deal descriptionLBI
Construction, renovation and maintenance of commercial buildings
Turnover : € 27 M
Deal description : Management buy-in   
European leader in planning and manufacturing high-end resin bath-room solutions such as shower trays, bathroom sinks, vanities, wall panels, marketed in Spain, in France
Turnover : € 18 M
Deal description : Spin-off




A belgian company that sells contact lenses online
Turnover : € 23 M
Deal description : LBO




A regional manufacturer of specialist chocolates located in Germany


Turnover : € 35 M

Deal description : MBI