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Aquasourça is a family-owned investment company with permanent capital, active in the fields of private equity and real estate.

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Une histoire entrepreneuriale familiale

Aquasourça est une société créée il y a 20 ans sur une opportunité entrepreneuriale unique dans le secteur de l’eau, d’où elle tire son nom. Forte de la réussite de cette expérience d’investissement et de son souhait de soutenir les dirigeants dans leurs projet de développements, Sophie Defforey a fondé et structuré Aquasourça. Aujourd’hui, nous nous concentrons sur les métiers du capital investissement et de l’immobilier.

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A family entrepreneurial story

Aquasourça is a company created 20 years ago based on a unique entrepreneurial opportunity in the water sector, from which it derives its name. Building on the success of this investment experience and her desire to support executives in their development projects, Sophie Defforey founded and structured Aquasourça. Today, we focus on the fields of private equity and real estate.

Our values


At Aquasourça, we believe that investment should be based on a mutual relationship of complete trust, in order to build together a strategy serving the company’s project. Our capital support is provided with the utmost respect for your experience, your intuitions, and your decisions, as it is the leaders who are at the heart of companies and carry the vision.

Our activities

Private Equity

Aquasourça’s two small-cap investment strategies, one generalist and the other sector-specific, operate according to a shared, highly entrepreneurial approach to support companies in their growth. They provide financial expertise and tailored support to meet their needs.


Real Estate

Aquasourça’s Real Estate branch follows two complementary strategies: value-add for the Development activity and core/core+ for the Real Estate Asset Management activity, primarily in France and Europe and globally through co-investment.


Our portfolio reflects our commitment to supporting the long-term growth and success of companies.


In line with its investment strategy, AQS Sectorial initially focuses on the agri-food sector. We provide our exclusive and experienced partners to entrepreneurs, offering a level of operational support tailored to each investment.


AQS Growth is generalist and explores various sectors in industry and services in particular.

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