At the property development arm, Aquasourça's Value Add strategy involves conducting major renovation or restoration work in order to generate a substantial increase in an asset’s value and rental yield. To achieve this, Aquasourça relies on a solid network of professionals, its rapid analytical skills and the strong involvement of its teams and partners, all while keeping its sights set on the targeted outcome.




At the property management arm, Aquasourça’s Core/Core Plus strategy is based on location, profitability and assessment criteria. The aim here is to improve the property’s rental potential and generate robust long-term rental income by conducting minor renovation work (improving energy efficiency, digitalization, taking account of new ways of working, etc.). This involves taking a rigorous approach to internal management and to the monitoring of the properties in the group’s portfolio.


Our approach

We firmly believe that real estate projects require a collective effort, involving collaboration, communication and trust. Our expertise has been gleaned from the projects we have analyzed, taken on board and implemented, thanks to a solid network of partners. By taking into account the specific characteristics of our markets and surrounding ourselves with prominent sector professionals, from origination through to the building work stage, we are able to guarantee the success of the transactions undertaken. All of which ensures a healthy level of risk and consistent performance.


Some flagship projects

  • Property development: Rue de Flandre, Brussels

    Aquasourça conducted a major renovation program in the Saint Catherine district of the historical center of Brussels, covering all aspects, from procurement through to works management and marketing. Four housing lots and a shopping area were fully redesigned and subsequently put up for sale.

  • Property management: Elise building, Luxembourg

    In July 2018, Aquasourça acquired a 6,500m² building located in the downtown area of the city of Luxembourg. The transaction further strengthens Aquasourça's expanding foothold in the real estate sector of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our teams are actively involved in enhancing the value of the building and providing the related lease management services.